Meet The Owners

We are Alexandra and Wanda, co-owners of Alexandra + Co. Boutique. We launched November 11, 2021 with zero plans or ideas, just a little dream to have our own boutique and brand. 

We are a Mother + Daughter duo, who not only look very similar in appearance but also similar in our fashion style. 

Wanda, co-owner and mother, was born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York part-time. Her style is fun, glamorous, elegant, and unique. She enjoys shopping for brands that are outside of the country like Madrid, London, Paris, Puerto Rico and Colombia, to name a few. Her favorite saying is "Money can't buy you class" and she translates that into her everyday style. You don't have to have the most expensive top on to feel and look like a million dollars. That all comes from within. You can bet that if it is colorful, vibrant, sparkly, and different, it came from Wanda. This is her signature look and she wants to share it with you! 

Alexandra, co-owner and daughter, was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Florida. She is a military wife and that requires her to move all around the country every few years. She gets to spot different styles, shop in all kinds of different cities, and really understands what works for an individual based on their personality. Just like our mood determines what we wear sometimes, so does the place we live. She takes all of this into consideration when deciding what apparel to bring to the boutique, always wanting to make sure that every woman or girl can find one piece they relate to. Her style is ever evolving; she likes trying new things and occasionally bringing back your favorite denim jacket that you've had for years just because it makes you feel good. She is your "it girl" but without all the fictitious fluff.

Alexandra + Co. is created for every woman, any size, any height , and most importantly, any style. Our pieces are meant to add to your wardrobe, not replace. We won't be your go-to for basic tank tops, but we will be your go-to when you need to walk in a gala, attend a wedding, or when you want to make a statement. We strive to be as inclusive as we can and to leave the door open for honest conversations on how we can do better.

We fell in love with clothes at very different stages in our lives but we continue to love it because it is something we can share together. That's what we want to gift you, the relationship we have among each other and the relationship we have with clothes. 

With fearless love, Alexandra and Wanda.

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  • Carmen Pinero

    Very nice clothes they have good taste in clothing.

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